Warranty Claims


We offer 12 Months Return to base Warranty. If you have a problem at any time during the course of your warranty, simply call or email us with a description of the problem. We do ask that you run through our fault finding checklist below before contacting us so that we can have the full information to be able to consider the best course of action for your warranty claim. Please Note: The warranty covers for REPAIR or REPLACEMENT, not refunds. Refunds are only offered for the first 14 Days under our returns policy.

What is Covered:

  • Mechanical or Electrical Faults

What isnt Covered:

  • Accidental Damage/Breakages
  • Wear and Tear
  • Filter Replacement (these are classed as consumables)
  • Service/Cleaning.

What can invalidate your Warranty:

  • Use without the Filter
  • Use for commercial or non household vacuuming
  • Use to clean up wet spills/oil or any other thing that it is not intended for

Simply contact us to claim on your warranty, full help and advice given. If we haven’t answered your question here, please refer to the tabs at the top of this page for any other information or contact us.

Fault Finder

Loss of Suction

If your vacuum loses suction, it is likely you have a blockage or your filters need a clean. There is a test you can do to establish where the problem may lie.

  1. Remove all the tools, put your hand over the nose, if good suction, then add back in hose/poles until you lose suction, there will be a blockage
  2. If no suction/poor suction through nose, remove the bag and bash out the filter.  Re-check

If still no suction, then send it back for a warranty repair.

Intermittent Power Loss

If your vacuum has intermittent power, then it has a fault that will need repair.  Do Not use the machine.

High Power Mode Only

This means the machine PCB Board has failed, it would be safe to still use your machine, however will need to be repaired by us.

Return Address

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